Colour vs Black & White

I’m FINALLY finished editing and formatting “Notes to My Younger Self” and don’t know what to do. I want this book to be as inspirational to look at as is (hopefully) is to read, so I put over 30 coloured photos in it. However, I just found out that the colour photos will bump up the cost of the book more than expected …

color vs b-wI thought about it for a few days and realized that I would feel like I cheated my readers if I sent it to print in black and white – and myself.

When I considered releasing a run in b&w and then felt like I’d been punched in the gut and mugged :`( Plus, it didn’t seem right to have the print copy in b&w and the ebook in full colour.  I took these photos. I selected each one because of the colours and mood they bring.  This is my gift to the world and it feels wrong to not make it the absolute best.  So, the book will be in colour.


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