Call to Action for victims of the Nepal‬ earthquakes

As you have probably heard by now, Nepal was devastated by 3 days of consecutive earthquakes, reaching a terrifying magnitude of 7.9!!

[photo: Vinaya Ghimire]

Last night, I got an email from Vinaya Ghimire, a fellow writer and talented photographer who lives in Nepal. I’ve been so worried about him and his family and was relived to hear from him. He is safe on his farm in the country, but their home was damaged and is unsafe to enter, so he’s living in a tent with his wife and mother.

What’s left of Vinaya’s village [photo: Vinaya Ghimire]
The rest of his family are in Kathmandu and are living among the ruins of the city in tents – including his father who is recovering from a recent heart attack. They have has lost everything and have no way to get to Vinaya’s farm.

People take refuge where they can. [photo: Vinaya Ghimire]
People take refuge where they can. [photo: Vinaya Ghimire]
I’m putting the call out there for those who wish they could help: You can. Right now. Nepal now has a face for you.  Vinaya needs our help. Please, visit the Go Fund Me campaign started on his behalf and give what you can, even if it’s only $5. Every dollar will help them reunite and rebuild.

[Read about VInaya’s experience in his own words.]




Update – May 20, 2015:  Within days of publishing this post, Nepal was hit by 2 more earthquakes within days of the second one registering 7.2 on the Richter scale!!

Vinaya received some of the funds from his  Go Fund Me campaign and used them to have family members air-lifted out of Kathmandu to his farm. Vinaya, his parents, wife, and younger sister are living on the first floor of his farmhouse.  The foundation of the house was cracked, so they keep the doors to the house open and run outside whenever the ground moves.

Please, continue to spread the word and give what you can to help Vinaya and his family rebuild.

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