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5 Free Stock Photo Sites

One of the questions I come across frequently is: “Where can I find good stock images for free?”

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Whether you’re making inspirational quote memes, marketing images for your book or product, social media cover image, or a book cover, you need quality images. Preferably for free. And, if you’re like me, you need them to be available for commercial use without having to pay huge subscription or licensing fees.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a huge list that I barely use and 5 that are my go-to sites, because they’re easy to use and usually have what I need.

Public Domain Sites:


Royalty Free Sites:


Update: Need a bigger variety of stock photos? Check out Rosa’s List of  Stock Photo Sites (pdf here). The list includes no-fee, paying, public domain, and royalty free. Be sure to double-check the licensing terms of each site before using their images.


Don’t see your fav on the list? Drop me a link in the comments!!


If you don’t have the time  or skill to create your own memes from scratch, Pablo is easy to use and produces gorgeous results.

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Gran Ventana Beach Resort Photo Tour (Excerpt)

Looking for a sunny place to vacation? How about the Gran Ventana Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic? Here’s a photo tour from my experience to help you decide if this is the place for you.
The Gran Ventana Beach Resort | I Am Rosa

My Impulse Vacation

In January 2009, I decided to take my real first vacation as an adult. Being recently divorced and uncertain of where to go, I popped into the local travel agent to explore options. I decided on a fair priced all-inclusive pack to the Dominican Republic that covered airfare, fees, taxes, 7 day/6 night resort stay, all meals and drinks. Booking the trip during their “off season” (aka their winter months) helped bring down the cost and assured that the temperatures were more to my comfort level at 22-24 °C (approximately 71-75 °F) … Read Full Article

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