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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Humans have adopted this perplexing hostile attitude toward money.  Some petty person once uttered the words, “Money is the root of all evil” and a bunch of other people jumped on the bandwagon with goofy slogans like, “Money can’t buy happiness.”

I beg to differ.

The root of all evil is evil. While people are sometimes motivated by money, it is a person’s lack of morality, character, and decency that is the problem. The most heinous of crimes are not usually money-motivated.  No one pays the rapist, child molester, or sicko that lights kittens on fire.  THAT is evil. Actions committed by those motivated by money is greed and even if we did away with money, greedy people would still take action to control of or obtain more of the things we value.  Why?  Because those people are evil.

Money is a tool.

Money is a tool.  Use it Wisely

What about happiness?  Money buys stuff, not emotions and frame of mind, right?  Well, you’re right. Lots of people with money are still unhappy, because money can’t change a person’s internal workings and perspective.  But, if a person views money as a simple tool, they can alter their own environment to create the conditions in which they can indeed be happy.

Most people feel happiness when they free of stress, time constraints, and certain “have-to’s”.  When visualizing what their world would like to create their happiness, people think of spending more time with the people they love.  So, happiness can be summed up as a state of emotion created when a person’s environment allows them to :

  • be debt-free
  • own their own vehicle and/or home
  • travel if/when they want
  • have the resources to cover the costs of unexpected medical or repair bills
  • feeling secure about retirement
  • have the time and freedom to spend more time with loved ones
  • pursue interests and hobbies

Viewed this way, then yes; money can buy happiness.

With this in mind, a person can pick up this tool and use it wisely to fashion the happiness they want.

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