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I Thought about Quitting …

I’ve seen a few status updates today talking about Suicide Prevention and I know a few people on my social media lists are struggling with depression. I want to share something, because I’ve lost too many loved ones … and I was almost lost myself.

(Warning: Strong language)

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About 15 years ago, I was living in Toronto on the 5th floor of an apartment building. I’d been broke, homeless, and hungry so often during the previous 8 years that it seemed like those things were the fabric of the marriage I was in at the time. I didn’t know how long I was going to have a roof over my head this time and, I was recovering from a near-death illness that made it impossible for me to even think about getting a job. I was scared all the time. I was angry and frustrated … and …

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was depressed. I didn’t know it when I gave away the things I loved and valued. Precious things from my childhood. Beloved things I had carefully saved up for – not expensive or grand items; books, a pretty blouse … things that made me feel happy.

It didn’t dawn on me that I could possibly be depressed, because I was always the up-beat, positive, forward-moving one that people looked to when they needed to be lifted up. There was always hope! Tomorrow was a better day waiting to pounce on us!

I had no idea I was depressed until I opened the bedroom window one afternoon, pulled the screen off, and hoisted myself over the sill. Hanging half-in and half-out of the window, I looked down at the pavement below trying to decide if 5 stories was high enough to kill me. I figured if I went feet first, I might just end up breaking a lot of bones, but if I went out the window headfirst …

That thought didn’t scare me. Not a bit. I didn’t think about how anyone would miss me or what would happen to them afterward.  Except, I did wonder one thing: What would *I* do after I was dead? Believing that I am an eternal being meant that death wouldn’t end the pain I was in. I would take that shit with me into the next realm and probably into the next life. I couldn’t stomach the idea of dragging my pain any further – infecting my eternal life with a temporary torment.

I climbed back into the bedroom, sat on the bed, and cried. Then, I went hunting. I tracked down the things that were making me unhappy. I dug to the roots of the pain, took names and notes, and when I could, I began eliminating those things.

See, I had something call “Situational Depression“. Change the situation that’s causing the depression and it goes away.  I dug deep and turned to face the enemy that put me so low in order to attack those hateful things instead of myself … I knew I had to share with those who are struggling right now. I desperately need to tell you this:

“Thought about quitting, then I noticed who was watching.”

“Thought about quitting, then I noticed who was watching”

GET THE FUCK UP!! FIND YOUR ENEMY AND FIGHT, DAMN IT! I love you and you have no clue who needs you! Find your enemy; situation, environment, chemical imbalance, whatever it is – hunt it down and FUCKING “KILL” IT! Remove it from your life with extreme prejudice like you’re a fucking sniper with no mercy.


You are the Light the others (including me) rely on when seeking an escape from their own Darkness .

Fight the Darkness Without Mercy. Lay your head down to rest. Then, get the fuck up, and fight some more.

You and me: We’re going to win this fight together!

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Strong Women: My additions to Power of Positivity’s “What to Expect” post

I just read an AMAZING post at the Power of Positivity (PoP) website that listed what to expect when dating a strong woman.

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They really nailed it when outlining our determination to succeed and live fully, as well as things to expect when we wrestle with our fears and doubts.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, I highly recommend it.

When I finished reading the list, a few more things came to mind that I can say from experience should definitely be addressed.  So, here is my short list of additions to PoP’s post “21 Things to Expect When Dating a Strong Woman” …

 22) We don’t indulge discussions about obstacles unless we’re creating a list of options to get over or around them. So, no annoying talk about why something can’t be done.

 23) Fear doesn’t live here. We have no patience for people (including ourselves)  who find excuses not to seize opportunities for work or play. We expect the people in our lives to have the integrity to do what’s right, whether its taking a risk despite your fears or calling her on something you know she could handle better.

24) She needs people with a strong spine to count on. Her strength springs from overcoming years of pain and fear.  While she doesn’t live in the past, sometimes she’ll be blindsided by past hurts or habits and will need support.


25) Speaking of fear, if you tell a strong woman that she scares you, she will cry.  Not in front of you, of course.  In private.  Most likely in a dark room with something to mask the sound of her sobs.  Then, she’ll pick herself up, decide that you don’t have the fortitude to keep up with her and/or you’re trying to manipulate her behaviour.  Either way, you’ll have lost her respect.

flowers-209144_128026)  We speak plainly.  While we try not to be harsh, we’ve found that sugar-coating things makes others “confused” about our intent or down-play the importance of our words.  So, we say what we mean and mean what we say.  It’s frustrating to be with someone whose ego or feelings are easily bruised.  Plain-speaking isn’t the same as being cruel.  Saying we’re rude or mean is a good way to get escorted to the door.  We don’t have time for self-pity or “delicate flowers”.

27) We don’t compare unless it’s to notice how far we’ve come in our journey.  It’s not a contest, but you do need to pull your own weight.  So, stuff the digs about how much time we spend working or how much money we make in comparison to what you’re doing/getting.  And, for the love of all that is holy – do NOT complain that your strong woman is making progress, but you’re not when you’ve both been presented with the same opportunities.  She will extend a hand to help you with a legit problem or put a foot on your butt to help you keep up, but if you’re not trying to keep pace with her, you’re gonna get left behind.


28) If you treat her and her goals with respect and admiration, and work with her as an equal in all areas of life, her devotion and loyalty to you will only get stronger as your time together progresses.


 Is there anything you would add to PoP’s this list?

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