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Never Send an Angel – Updated!

I’m thrilled to announce the re-release of my supernatural short, Never Send an Angel.

Updated content, an exciting new cover, and a sneak peek at my upcoming Young Adult Adventure, Eyes of the Hunter.


Never send an angel to do a mother’s job.

When someone threatens her child’s safety, this mother will call down the powers of Light and step into the Shadow to make a child killer pay.

5 Things …

Cathy Jackson, Author tagged me to post 5 things about the book I’m writing … Although I have just started to write a new novel, I’m not at a stage where I’m ready to discuss it yet. However, I’m currently in the editing stage for 2 very different books; “Eyes of the Hunter”, a young adult fantasy adventure and “Notes to My Younger Self”, a self-help “guide to happiness”. I’d be happy to share about those ones:

1) “Notes to My Younger Self” is based on incidents I’ve had in my life that I wish I had handled different and amazing experiences that changed my life for the better.

2) All the photos that appear in “Notes to My Younger Self” are my own. I’ve tried to match photos to chapters that share the same “message” or feel.

3) “Eyes of the Hunter” is about a prince who is hiding a secret that, if anyone discovered, would result in the death of his mother, best friend, and himself.

4) “Eyes of the Hunter” tested well with my beta group, who gave valuable feedback that I am using to improve the story during this editing phase.

5) Some characters in “Eyes of the Hunter” speak with a French accent. I was worried that it would confuse or hinder the readers, but my beta testers loved the quirkiness and depth it added to the story.

Thanks for the opportunity to share <3

image of a book

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