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FriendDay Wednesday: Em by Lëaf Ednïwinga

This week’s #FriendDayWednesday is an invitation for you to join author Lëaf Ednïwinga in celebrating the first “birthday” of her book, Em. Lëaf is hosting an online giveaway while also raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House.
I love the story of Em. It’s a simple, but power tale, suitable for almost all ages.
Em | I Am Rosa
Check out Em on Amazon.
For a chance to win a signed copy of Em and many other awesome prizes from Lëaf, check out the contest details here.

FriendDay Wednesday: Laurie Wetzel

A teenage girl is being stalked by demons and angels while a bunch of teens are turning up dead. Toss in scary-new powers plus an ancient rivalry and neither Heaven nor Hell knows what’s going on! The fast-paced and super exciting Unclaimed Series by Laurie Wetzel is this week’s ‪#‎FriendDayWednesday‬ promotion.

Unclaimed Series


This series grabbed me and pulled me in right away. I lost track of time reading these books, they were just so good. I can’t wait until Laurie released the third in this series, but while we’re waiting, I encourage you to check out the first 2 books:

Unclaimed (Book 1)
Ignited (Book 2)


You can keep up with Laurie on:

FriendDay Wednesday: Frogburps

This week’s #FriendDayWednesday‬ promotion is the unique partnership of author Patrick S. Stemp and artist Anita Soelver at Frogburps. This talented team has free colouring pages and short story pages, as well as videos, and children’s books.

You can grab a free copy of their adorable ebook “The New Cat” by signing up for their newsletter on their website.


* Say “Hello!” to Patrick and Anita on their FaceBook Page;
* Check out their awesome videos on YouTube; and
* Follow them on Twitter.


FriendDay Wednesday: RA McCandless

I’m starting a new trend where I promote the sites, Facebook Pages, products, and services I think my friends and followers would really enjoy. I’m calling it ‪#‎FriendDayWednesday‬.

Today, I’m sharing the paranormal fantasy Flames of Perdition Books by RA McCandless.


McCandless introduces us to Del, half-Nephilim working for the Throne to keep the world safe from escaped demons and herself off the Divine hit-list. Along with chair-gripping action all the way through these book, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of Del’s character and her growth throughout the books.

Check out the first 2 books of the series:

Tears of Heaven (Book 1)
Hell Becomes Her (Book 2)


You can also:

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