True Story Tuesday: June 2, 2015

I’d been having migraines, dizziness, and nausea for over a year before I was able to get a referral for an ear specialist.  It took 6 months for an opening in his schedule, a half hour having my ears tested, and then I spent maybe 7 minutes with the actual specialist.  The entire time, my cell phone was buzzing like it was possessed as my lovely hubby, Jade sent text after text about the insanity of being alone with 2 toddlers (welcome to my every day reality, darling).

Since I couldn’t get my phone to turn off or shut up,  he decided to sum everything up as quickly as possible so I could get back home and put Jade out of his misery.  I learned 3 things from him.  First, nothing was physically wrong with me (YAY!).  Second, my problems were stress related and that I was clenching my jaw so hard for so long that I was causing myself serious problems (BOO!).  Third, the tests revealed that I had hearing loss in my right ear (I’m pretty sure it was from that pinpoint shriek my daughter unleashed directly into my ear when she was about a year and half.  I remember the moment of piercing agony with extreme clarity 🙁 ) The kicker was that the loss was only in the range where most male voices fall.  That explained why I’d been having trouble hearing Jade. *sigh*

So, I get home and break the news to Jade and my dad (who was visiting).  Then, this happened:

hearing loss

 True Story.

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