True Story Tuesday: Cry Baby Wah Ad

I just came across the BEST ad. Laughed for 3 minutes straight, then couldn’t get through reading it aloud to Jade Arcade without choking on my spit cuz I was laughing even harder at the horrified look on his face. I had to share.

cry baby wah | I Am Rosa

The ad reads:

“You know that sound you hear when you listen to a really good band? One that really captures the essences of the night? Well the cry baby wah is the sound of the terrible band that opened before them who still live in the 1980’s.

I’m selling this perfectly functional, minor cosmetic nicked cry baby wah because in my opinion the wah is the single worst guitar pedal anyone on earth can own. Maybe you like the sound of arrogant, pompous guitar and need a way to show your wife’s friends just how cool you are. Great. Buy my cry baby wah and try and have a threesome.

Yes, the pedal works fine. It’s just that “works fine” and “makes a sound that I actually like” are two very different things apparently. It doesn’t come with a 9V adaptor because I could use those for a better sounding pedal, like a mute pedal. Silence is preferable to the sound of a wah.”


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