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I have a Cover Artist for Eyes of the Hunter!!

It’s been a while since I’ve had an update for Eyes of the Hunter. That’s mostly because there was nothing but frustration to report. The book was supposed to be released earlier this month, but I hit huge snag trying to find a cover artist. But, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally found a cover artist and I’m thrilled because her work is gorgeous.

As I gear up for marketing and promos, I will need advanced readers to read and post honest reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, and other sites the book will be sold.

I will post more updates as things progress. For now, let’s just share a Happy Dance that things are moving forward again

Lest We Forget: Paris 2015

Dear Friends; I share your outrage and anguish. I hear you shouting for justice. I also hear some calling for retribution, comparing last night’s terrorist attacks to the campaigns of Hitler, and demanding we take immediate violent action.
Please understand; This is not the same situation as either world war. This enemy is not the bold bully that acts in plain sight. This is an arrogant enemy that hides in the dark and uses innocent people as shields – sometimes, even as their weapons. We cannot take the same actions our ancestors did in the past.
There’s a reason we said, “Lest We Forget” 3 days ago. It is not a kitschy reminder of evil. Sadly, we can never forget evil. When we say those sacred words, we’re referring to the cost of war; the innocent lives lost or destroyed.
Lest We Forget - Paris 2015 | I Am Rosa
As a child listening at the knee of WW2 vets and civilian survivors, they all told me the same thing in different words:
“We remember those days, lest we forget
the cost to our souls and sanity
to take the life of another.”
This is our legacy from them.
We must not act in anger or we will live in regret. When we act, let it be with deep forethought and calculation, so when we strike, our blow is swift, true, and accurate.