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True Story Tuesday: I’m a triangle!

Keeping your sanity while raising a toddler looks like this:
Triangle  | I Am Rosa
Trying to get our uncooperative toddler to settle in bed, she decides to contort her body into various shapes.
Wakeful Child: “Look! I’m a 9!” …
Tired Mommy: Yes, I see that. It’s time for sleepies.
Wakeful Child: Look! I’m a oval!
Tired Mommy: Yup, you are. Lie down, please.
Wakeful Child: Look! I’m a triangle!
Tired Mommy: You’re an adorable triangle.
Witty Daddy: She’s a-cute triangle, Mommy.
*Parental fist-bump* as we chuckle at our “adult” humour ….