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FriendDay Wednesday: Rhys Christopher Ethan

guy w suitcase | I Am Rosa
I’m currently readingThe Guy With the Suitcase” by Rhys Christopher Ethan, who is also the focus of this week’s  #FriendDayWednesday‬ 😀
The first book by Rhys I read was a beautiful transgender retelling of the Snow White story, titled “Snow White & the Seven Angels” which is part of his Queerky Tales. I loved it so much, I bought the whole series in paperback.
Rhys is also co-owner of Ethereal Ealain which makes book covers. You can check it out on Facebook.
If you’d like to learn more about Rhys and his work, you can …
* Like his Facebook Page;
* Visit his website;
* Sign up for his newsletter; and
* Follow Rhys on Twitter.

FriendDay Wednesday: David Lee Summers

This week’s ‪#FriendDayWednesday promotion is editor, editorial director, and speculative author, David Lee Summers. If you like steampunk, sci-fi, and vampires, check out David’s list of books on Amazon.

David is currently running a giveaway for an ebook copy of his latest steampunk novel, “The Brazen Shark”.

david summers | I Am Rosa

David is also the featured artist today at Padwolf Publishing’s MARCH of AUTHORS event. Pop in and find out more about David, ask him questions, and maybe win some free stuff 🙂

You can stay up-to-date with David via …

FriendDay Wednesday: Wise Ink’s Suggestion on Book Promotion

This week’s #FriendDayWednesday is a great post from Wise Ink Publishing, titled, “8 Ideas to Promote Your Book in 2016“. Although these suggestions are aimed directly at authors, they can also be used by other artists and entrepreneurs.
wise ink
For other helpful information:

FriendDay Wednesday: Karla Brandenburg

This week’s ‪#‎FriendDayWednesday‬ promotion is author Karla Brandenburg. More specifically, her fantastic paranormal romance Kundigerin Trilogy which will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to satisfying end. Great characters, intriguing and well-planned plot, I highly recommend these books.

Kundigerin Trilogy

Mist on the Meadow (Book 1) – Read my review on GoodReads.

Gathering Mist (Book 2) – Read my review on GoodReads.

Rising Mist (Book 3) – Read my review on GoodReads.

You can also …

  • Follow Karla on her Facebook Page;
  • Check out her blog to find out more about her upcoming release, Cookie Therapy which is a romance about starting over after trauma and finding family in new friends; and
  • Say “Hello!” to her on Twitter.

FriendDay Wednesday: Laurie Wetzel

A teenage girl is being stalked by demons and angels while a bunch of teens are turning up dead. Toss in scary-new powers plus an ancient rivalry and neither Heaven nor Hell knows what’s going on! The fast-paced and super exciting Unclaimed Series by Laurie Wetzel is this week’s ‪#‎FriendDayWednesday‬ promotion.

Unclaimed Series


This series grabbed me and pulled me in right away. I lost track of time reading these books, they were just so good. I can’t wait until Laurie released the third in this series, but while we’re waiting, I encourage you to check out the first 2 books:

Unclaimed (Book 1)
Ignited (Book 2)


You can keep up with Laurie on: