Books: Rosa Marchisella

The following is a list of print and ebooks written as Rosa Marchisella.


Never send an angel to do a mother’s job.

Never Send an Angel (Supernatural Thriller, Short Fiction)

When someone threatens her child’s safety, this mother will call down the powers of Light and step into the Shadow to make a child killer pay.

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Edward has a song that will change the world

The Song (Supernatural Coming-of-Age, Short Fiction)

Edward has a song that will change life as he knows it. When the song is lost, he must get it back and share it with the world. This gripping short story of a young man’s struggle to understand the big questions of life and discover his purpose will touch your heart.

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If you thought becoming a woman was hard, try doing it when you’re a prince.

Eyes of the Hunter (Young Adult Fantasy, Coming-of-Age Romance, )

Prince Erin, heir to the throne of Simanthea, has a dangerous secret that no one can know, not even Erin’s best friend and bodyguard Caley. Discovery would mean death for the prince, but even the most tightly guarded secret can’t be kept forever.

When Caley learns what Prince Erin is actually a girl, his rage explodes like wildfire, and the former bodyguard becomes a terrifying bounty hunter. To survive, Erin must outrun the past and evade The Eyes of the Hunter in this fast-paced YA romantic fantasy.

Scheduled for Release in 2017