Books: Rosa Arcade

The following is a list of print and ebooks written as Rosa Arcade.


Notes to My Younger Self: A Guide to Personal Happiness

Notes to My Younger SelfThoughtful, candid, and sometimes humorous, “Notes to My Younger Self” is a collection of observations and practical advice to guide the reader to a state of personal acceptance and happiness. With more than 30 photos by the author, this book is an inspiration to look at and to read.

Colour Edition:  Available in Print and Kindle

B&W Edition:  Available in Print

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The Job Hunter’s Guide [Revised Edition]

The Job Hunter's Guide [Revised Edition]The Job Hunter’s Guide is an easy-to-use book will guide you through your job search process, step-by-step. It includes helpful tips on:

* Networking and Research;
* Informational interviews;
* Writing resume and cover letters;
* Preparing for a job interview;
* Interview do’s and don’ts;
* What to expect and how to answer difficult questions; and
* Follow-up.

The Job Hunter’s Guide includes valuable examples and is a must have for employment service agencies, labour boards, career coaches and job hunters alike.

Available in Print and Kindle

Samples and References: A Companion to The Job Hunter’s Guide

This FREE companion book to The Job Hunter’s Guide is filled with cheat sheets, checklists, and work sheets to help you through each stage of job hunting.

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