Pushing Boundaries With Fantasy

Fantasy writers often ask:

“How far outside the box can I go?”

No box in the ‘Verse can contain fantasy. I love that fantasy can’t be contained! It has so many wonderful and exciting sub-genres.

BUT – you must have rules to define the reality you are creating and you must stick to them. If you break any of the laws of reality you established, you need to have a darn good explanation. Then, you need to explain it to the reader in a way that makes them accept it as logic. Otherwise, you create a disbelief with the readers. This means they won’t trust you or your story any more.

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2 thoughts on “Pushing Boundaries With Fantasy

  1. I agree. Good fantasy writing makes you believe in the world even if it makes no sense. The thing that hooks me in is plausible characters and plausible (in context) situations. It doesn’t matter if the character is a dragon or an imp, if I recognise them as three dimension complex characters then I can engage with them. It equally doesn’t matter if the world is run on magic as long as there is something equivalent to physical laws which don’t change and the situation, within that context, is something I can relate to. That’s why I like Terry Pratchett. His earliest books included wizards and watches run by little imps but I recognised the world of the university as a cariacature in parallel to my own working environment and it all made sense!

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