How to Find Your Facebook Page Followers List (Excerpt)

It’s important for the Admin of a Facebook Page to keep track of Followers. So, where the blazes did Facebook move that list to!?!?! Here’s the answer …
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When you’re responsible for the the Administration or Moderation of a Facebook Page, it is vital to keep track of Followers. The analytics section provided by the hard-working folks at Facebook is a great way to track numbers and stats, but what about when you need to actually see who those people are? Their names and faces?
It used to be easy to do this; a quick link on your Page would take you straight to the list. But, when Facebook got all sophisticated with the stats and graphs, that list link vanished. Luckily, we still have the ability to see the list of Page Followers. It’s a little more involved to get to that list, but this quick tutorial will to help you get there and get business done efficiently … Read Full Article
Find FB Follower List | I Am Rosa

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