Rosa Arcade is an author of both fiction and non-fiction books.

Rosa has studied acting, music, spirituality and writing for non-fiction, fantasy and film. Her written work includes web articles, marketing and media projects, business plans and manuals, as well as promotional and educational tools. Over a dozen of her scripts have been produced to date, including short educational and promotional videos. Rosa has also co-authored 4 publications and her poetry has appeared in several anthologies.

Rosa has earned critical praise as a writer, stage actress, vocalist, public speaker and artist.  She’s worked with non-profit organizations to provide educational and healthy programs for local children through fundraising and improve local workforce conditions.

She has an animated series called, “Zomb-Eh?” and is currently working on a family-friendly game, Eeyayho’s Adventure.  Rosa has traveled the world and explored Canada from shore to shore. She currently lives in Ontario, Canada.